Roof Coverings

This document provides the framework that enables organizations to develop studies / papers on the environmental performance of wall coating products, through the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and also to report such performance through Type III Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).~

The product category “roof coverings” includes different types of products for the protection of buildings against atmospheric actions (rain, wind, snow, etc.). There are various systems for pitched roofs construction, however common to all is the layer which is in contact with the exterior, the finishing, commonly referred to as liner. Items pitched roofs covering should ensure the following functional requirements: waterproof; sufficient strength to support requests and impacts; possess lightness and be durable.
The type of products in this category are usually simple and waterproof parts, there is a range of metallic materials, natural stony, stony artificial, bituminous, polymer, mixed, etc.
According to the European harmonized standards under the CE marking of products of construction, the roof coverings products can be:

  • Ceramic tiles;
  • Concrete roof tiles;
  • Aluminum tiles;
  • Plastic tiles;
  • Glass tiles;
  • Polycarbonate tiles;
  • Cement tiles;
  • Tiles slate or other stone;
  • Galvanized steel sheet;
  • Bituminous corrugated boards;
  • Among others.
name Roof Coverings
date and registration number 10/02/2014 | RCP003:2014
version 1.2
COORDINATOR(S) PCR Marisa Almeida |
Ricardo Mateus |
author(s) Marisa Almeida
sectoral panel

Some entities were contacted interested in this product category, however there were no expressions of interest for the establishment of the Sector Panel.

consultation period 12/08/2013 to 30/11/2013
valid until 01/06/2027
general instructions - version V.2.2. June Edition 2022
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An EPD performed according to this document shall communicate reliable and verifiable PCR information about the environmental performance of floor coatings. After the development of an EPD, the organization shall forward the process to a certification body recognized by the DAPHabitat System for validation of the reported information.