Verifiers are professional technicians with the necessary qualifications to belong to a pool of verifiers managed by a specific certification body. These experts must determine if an EPD created by a specific organisation is in compliance with the national and international standards, if it is in accordance with the reference PCR and if it follows with the requirements of the programme (General Instructions of the DAPHabitat System).

In order to be included in the pool of verifiers, the technician must send the integration request to the certification body in accordance with the documentation indicated by the entity recognised by the DAPHabitat System. The integration and qualification procedure of technicians as qualified verifiers is a significant aspect of the DAPHabitat System and a duty of the certification body.

The decision over the qualification of a verifier may arise if the latter intends to proceed to an EPD verification, in order to prove his competence in the EPD verification procedure, in case there are not any references. Therefore, it is acceptable that an EPD verification is carried out, conducive for the registration process in the DAPHabitat System, to put into evidence the necessary competence requirements of the verifier.

The certification body communicates to the DAPHabitat System which are the qualified verifiers to carry out the EPD verifications. The recognised verifiers are available here – List of verifiers.

Ana Cláudia Dias
Fausto Freire
Helena Gervásio
José Silvestre
Manuel Duarte Pinheiro
Marisa Almeida
Ricardo Mateus