PCR Typology

The development of PCR documents is one of the most demanding works concerning the functioning of a registration program. Having PCR documents makes it easy for experts to develop LCA studies, as it provides some pointers and guidelines for its implementation, but also allows some savings in the effort of companies to conduct these studies supporting the implementation of Environmental Product Declarations.

Because of the effort required to complete these documents, the DAPHabitat System followed the example of other more mature programs and developed the PCR document based on the EN 15804 + A2: the base-model for construction products and services. This type of document is a macro PCR with specific use characteristics, facilitating the development of PCR documents: specific.

Thus, the DAPHabitat System offers two types of PCR documents, and its scope of use described by the diagram below.

dap diagrama3 ens

The development of Product Category Rules is an essential work for a EPD registration program, involving a complex procedure and requires the involvement of many participants. To reduce part of this effort in the development of PCR for product categories, the PCR basic model document was developed in the light of the experience of other more mature registration programs view more

A specific PCR document for a given product category under the construction products and services, must define at least the usage life of reference, the functional unit and the declared unit relevant for all products that it represents. Any specific PCR to be published in the DAPHabitat System database has to undergo the a public consultation process, and the validation of the Technical Committee.

All stages of the development of a PCR document is described in the “Development of new PCR” and all the available PCR documents on the DAPHabitat System are published in the “PCR available” page.