Floor Covering

This document provides the framework that enables organizations to develop studies / papers on the environmental performance of flooring products, through the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and also to report such performance through Type III  Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).

The product category “floor covering” includes all products with a floor covering function. With the covering of floors are obtained flat surfaces, hard and decorative surfaces, which not only provide accessibility to the space but also confers resistance to wear, and simultaneously finishing with a pleasant aspect, the aesthetic level. The choice and the type of floor covering varies depending on the type of occupation provided for the installation location and must satisfy certain requirements such as livability, comfort, safety and durability.

The floor covering or floor can be classified according to the listed:

  • Performed In Situ (self-leveling mortars, mastics, epoxy resins, etc.);
  • Manufactured goods (carpets, ceramic tiles, stone, wood);
  • Traditional (wood, ceramic, natural stone);
  • Not traditional (linoleum, vinyl, rubber, cork tiles, etc.);
  • Or type of materials (woody, ceramic, stony, hydrocarbons, textiles, organic, etc.).
name Floor Covering
date and registration number 10/02/2014 | RCP001:2014
version 1.2
COORDINATOR(S) PCR Luís Arroja | arroja@ua.pt
Marisa Almeida | marisa@ctcv.pt
author(s) Ana Cláudia Dias
Luís Arroja
Marisa Almeida
sectoral panel

RMC - Revestimentos de Mármores Compactos, SA
Dominó - Indústrias Cerâmicas, SA
Sonae Indústrias, SGPS
APICER - Associação Portuguesa da Indústria de Cerâmica

consultation period 01/08/2013 to 30/11/2013
valid until 01/06/2027
general instructions - version V.2.2. June Edition 2022
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An EPD performed according to this document shall communicate reliable and verifiable PCR information about the environmental performance of floor coatings. After the development of an EPD, the organization shall forward the process to a certification body recognized by the DAPHabitat System for validation of the reported information.