PCR: Basic Model_ version 2.3

The development of Product Category Rules is an essential work for a EPD registration program, involving a complex procedure and requires the involvement of many participants. To reduce part of this effort in the development of PCR for product categories, the PCR basic model document was developed in the light of the experience of other more mature registration programs.

The PCR basic model document specifically for construction products and services was based on the guidelines of the EN 15804, and its general laws applicable to any specific PCR document developed by the DAPHabitat System. A PCR basic model document  maynot specify some requirements considered important for the realization of a comparable EPD, however, in the DAPHabitat System, if there is an absence of a specific PCR document for a given product category, the organization may develop the LCA study according to the principles of a PCR basic model document for Construction Products and Services of the DAPHabitat System, in conjunction with EN 15804.

This document specifies the general calculation rules, according to the EN 15804, for conducting LCA studies to be developed for the preparation of an EPD to be register in the DAPHabitat System for all construction products and services for buildings and other construction works while providing technical guidance for the preparation of the Project Report to be delivered together with the EPD necessary for the verification process.

Thus, it is allowed to draw up an EPD through the PCR basic model document if:

  1. there is no specific PCR document in the DAPHabitat System or other registration program belonging to the ECOPlatform;
  2. there is a PCR document in another registration program belonging to the ECOPlatform, but can not be recognized and adopted.

However, it should always join efforts to achieve specific PCR documents, as this allows to focus on the LCA study for a given product category, making this a more concise, coherent, narrow and economic work.

name PCR: Basic Model_ version 2.3
date and registration number 19/01/2016 | RCP-mb001
version 2.3
COORDINATOR(S) PCR Marisa Almeida | marisa@ctcv.pt
Luís Arroja | arroja@ua.pt
José Silvestre | jds@civil.ist.utl.pt
author(s) Marisa Almeida
Luís Arroja
José Silvestre
Fausto Freire
Cristina Rocha
Ana Cláudia Dias
Helena Gervásio
Ricardo Mateus
António Baio Dias
sectoral panel --
consultation period 18/11/2015 to 18/01/2016
valid until 01/06/2027
general instructions - version --
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An EPD performed according to this document shall communicate reliable and verifiable PCR information about the environmental performance of floor coatings. After the development of an EPD, the organization shall forward the process to a certification body recognized by the DAPHabitat System for validation of the reported information.