19/04/2023 | DAPHabitat

Sistema DAPHabitat em destaque na Sessão Técnica sobre "Análise do Ciclo de Vida na Construção", organizada pela Ordem dos Engenheiros

On March 31st, Cluster Habitat Sustentável participated in the Technical Session "Life Cycle Analysis in Construction - Contributions from Civil Engineering", organized by Ordem dos Engenheiros.
In this session, the Cluster, as the responsible operator for the DAPHabitat System program, clarified some relevant aspects about the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) within the Habitat value chain, showing the type of content that can be found in these documents and how to prepare them. The Cluster also clarified the importance of their use by companies regarding the green transition of their processes, products, and solutions for Habitat.
In the same session, Professor Helena Gervásio (U. Coimbra), a member of the Technical Commission of the DAPHabitat System, clarified the role and relevance of the different normative elements that support sustainability in the buildings sector.

Finally, Eng. Rui Barros from Garcia Garcia - Design & Build, S.A. presented real cases of the use of life cycle analysis methodology in Garcia Group's projects, highlighting its importance in the detailed study of the final function of buildings and their users, in order to better understand, for instance, the energy needs already in the early stages of design and construction.