06/10/2021 | DAPHabitat


On September 22nd, Gres Panaria Portugal, S.A registered, in the DAPHabitat System, two Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for its Glazed Porcelain Tiles and Single Fired Wall Tiles!

Panaria Group, S.A has been in the market since the 70s, and since then its factories have experienced a constant evolution in the improvement of the products manufactured there. Specialized in the production of porcelain tiles and laminated porcelain tiles, the Group serves high-end brands such as Panaria Ceramica, Lea Ceramiche, Cotto d'Este, Blustyle, Florida Tile, Bellissimo, Margres and Love Tiles, the latter two of which have products with type III Environmental Declarations registered in the Portuguese system of EPD.

With 3 EPD registered in DAPHabitat System, Gres Panaria Portugal demonstrates its environmental and social responsibility, through the ecological commitment and the sustainability principles that underpin its business decisions, as well as the commitment shown in the environmental concern present in its commercial operations.

Access the EPD HERE!

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