14/05/2021 | DAPHabitat



The Panaria Group started as an industrial company in 1973. 43 years later, the installation of the third complete line for the production of laminated porcelain stoneware at the Fiorano factory was completed.

Specialized in the production of porcelain tiles and laminated porcelain stoneware, the Panaria Group is focused on the high standard and luxury market that serves through brands such as: Panaria Ceramica, Lea Ceramiche, Cotto d'Este, Blustyle, Florida Tile, Margres, Love Tiles and Bellissimo.

In support of the concern for sustainability, Grés Panaria Portugal came to register, last April, its Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Porcelain Stoneware in the Portuguese DAPHabitat System. This is an extremely compact, dry-pressed ceramic product, characterized by excellent technical specifications, low porosity, and frost resistance, which makes it suitable for installation in indoor and outdoor areas of residential, non-residential, or commercial spaces.

In the cradle-to-grave EPD type you will find more details about the analysis of the porcelain stoneware life cycle, as well as its environmental performance during all phases of its life span and after the demolition stage. Find the EPD HERE.

Find out how to register a DAP for your product in the DAPHabitat System HERE.