30/11/2022 | DAPHabitat

Artebel - Artefactos de Betão, S.A. REGISTERED FOUR EPD!

The investment in technology and qualified know-how for the development of innovative products with lower environmental impact have been inherent factors to Artebel - Artefactos de Betão, S.A. 

In this sense, aiming efforts to communicate the environmental performance of its masonry products, Artebel has registered four Environmental Product Declarations for its products: Thermal masonry units which require the use of ETICS, Thermal masonry units which don't require the use of ETICS, Acoustic masonry units - ISOARGILA® and Acoustic masonry units - FREEBLOCO®.

The EPDs in digital format, available in the European ECO Platform network, reinforce Artebel's solidity and its reference in the national and international market, allowing European markets to consult the environmental performance and other technical information of its products.

Access Artebel's EPD HERE!

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