17/10/2022 | DAPHabitat


VOLCALIS - Isolamentos Minerais, S.A., belonging to Preceram Group, offers to the market its product Mineral Wool. This material contributes to the comfort and thermal and acoustic efficiency of buildings, being manufactured by high technology and raw materials with quality, ensuring its efficiency and rigor.

Given its proactive stance towards minimizing the environmental impacts of its activities, Volcalis - Isolamentos Minerais, S.A. has registered 5 Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for its Mineral Wool product of different coatings! 

These EPDs provide information about the products and their environmental performance throughout the stages of their life cycle, and are certified by an independent third party, ensuring the veracity of the whole process. All EPDs are registered in the Portuguese system as well as in the European system, through the ECO Portal of ECO Platform.

Thus, Volcalis reaffirms the adequate management of the quality of its products and their environmental impact, sustaining the sustainability of its processes.

For more information about how to register your Environmental Product Declarations, please check HERE. Contact us!